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During America’s darkest period in history, with Senator, Joe McCarthy and the witch-hunt for “Un-American Activities” which caused citizens to name other citizens who were “communist sympathizers” or “homosexuals”, seven men bravely formed the an organized motorcycle club in 1954.  At great risk to their lives, including their livelihood, these former military men created the oldest enduring organization in the world.

But more than just a club of like-minded bikers, these men also endured and trailblazed many of the equality protections the lgbt community enjoy today.  The Satyrs are much more than just a club, it was a movement.

The Story of Us, Our Community

 “Rumble - Leather & Motorcycles, the Long Road to Equality is an overview of LGBT history in Los Angeles and Long Beach. Despite the fact that the Satyrs, the oldest continually existing gay organization in the world, call the Greater LA area home, the history of this region is often overlooked. This exhibit, examining, among other things, pre-Stonewall gay rebellion against police brutality, is a must-see for anyone interested in gay culture, politics and history.”

- Professor, Gregory Mattson - Adjunct, East Los Angeles College,


   Los Angeles is rooted deep in LGBT history that is often overlooked by many.  Most people assume that the modern day gay movement started with Stonewall riots in New York.  But Stonewall had the fortune of international coverage, the event was commemorable and had the mnemonic capacity to create a commemorative vehicle for which dozens of annual pride parades mark the occasion.

   Los Angeles’ gay history begins as early as 1850 when it was the wild frontier and the gold rush was on. Being gay was not much of an issue up until 1914, when the events in Long Beach changed American’s perception of gay people for the next 40 years.

   Not until a couple of pioneering gay groups formed in the 1950’s, did gay people chart a long course toward equality.

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Students are encouraged to come see this historical exhibit for the once in a lifetime opportunity. Learn the history before Stonewall and why it matters.

Purchase one ticket (Wednesday to Friday) and bring a friend for free.  It’s a 2 for 1 special.  Just make sure you both have student school ID with you for admission.

You can get your tickets online or at the door.  Certain restrictions apply so check event schedule for student admission offer void dates.

California has always been at the forefront of history, especially Long Beach & Los Angeles. Come see the history you were never told.

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Cultural Alliance

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Gallery / Theatre

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Long Beach, CA


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